Board of Commissioners

Pine Level, NC 27568

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Jeff Holt

Commissioner (Recreation)
Bill Radford

Commissioner (Police)
Jimmy Garner

Commissioner (Water/Sewer)
Phil Pittman

Commissioner (Street/Sanitation)
Greg Baker

The Town of Pine Level is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners which includes four commissioners and the mayor.  All five members are elected to serve two-year terms in nonpartisan municipal elections held in odd-numbered years.  The mayor chairs all board meetings and has the same right to vote on every issue as do the commissioners.  The mayor is not just a “tie-breaker” in the event of a tied vote.  The board elects one of its own members to serve as Mayor Pro-tem, who acts only in the absence of the mayor.

The Board of Commissioners meets each month on the second Monday night of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Pine Level Town Hall at 306 East Brown Street.  All meetings of the board are “open meetings” and citizens are welcome to attend and participate in the meetings.  The board holds a session called “Public Comment” at each meeting, where citizens may readily address non-agenda items with the Board of Commissioners.  Citizens with disabilities who wish to address the board should contact the town clerk several days prior to a meeting so that special accommodations may be arranged for them.

The Board of Commissioners appoints the Town Attorney, who is currently Chip Hewett of Hewett Law Group, PA.  The board also appoints all department heads, including the town clerk, the public works superintendent, the police chief and the parks and recreation coordinator.  The town clerk maintains official records of the town and acts as a liaison for the Board of Commissioners.  Citizens who wish to get in touch with members of the board may contact them directly or contact the town clerk by telephone during regular working hours at (919) 965-2284 or by e-mail at  Other contact information is available under the tab called “CONTACT.”

The board appoints members to the Pine Level Planning Board, the Pine Level Recreation Committee, and various other boards and/or committees deemed necessary by the board.  Board/committee members may be reviewed under the tab called “CONTACT.”

Approved minutes of previous meetings of the board are available for review under “BOARD MINUTES.”